Luigi Cassinelli Photographer

I exhibit what I saw, in the moment light and matter recorded it.

Nothing has been retouched; nothing has been computer generated.


In and out of the frontiers of my sight, what is real? Light nurtures. Light is forthright. Therefore, I photograph. By leaving prejudice behind, I might earn a healthy relationship with reality and save my freedom.

An example of how I display my work on this website:

The Portfolio Page

digital scan

The Photograph

Ref. CG8497-05


Kodak TXP | Kodak D-76 | 55mm on 645

2004, Camargue, France

The Photographic Print

Ref. GS-CG8497-05/A


Gelatin Silver Print | Paper Size: 16 x 20 in | Printed Image: 10.5 x 13.5 in | Bergger Prestige Variable CB Warmtone Semi-Gloss

Printed in 2017 by Randy Mitchel, Miami

First Printing