I was born in 1962 and was raised in Milan, Italy. From 1988 to 1989, I served as an officer in the Italian Army. In 1990, I earned my Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. After graduating from university, I worked as an engineer in the fields of logistics and energy management. During this time, my job required me to travel to the Far East; there, I built up my first photographic portfolio.

In 1995, I decided to leave my corporate career and become a photographer, leaving Italy for London, in search of assignments. I contacted the art director of the Sunday Times Magazine, who introduced me to the fashion director. She was intrigued by my reportage work and showed my portfolio to a luxury brand; from that contact I got my first job in the fashion industry.

Since then, I have lived in London, Milan, and New York. From locations on every continent, I completed 345 assignments for fashion brands and magazines. I will always be grateful to my first agent, Umberto Corsale, for being my liaison with the fashion industry and for letting me work with outstanding human beings. Thank you, Sandro Fasulo. Thank you, Giorgio Spaterna.

My clients’ list includes: Adrienne Vittadini, Alviero Martini, Amanda Wakeley, American Eagle Outfitters, Annabella, Aurelia PR, Burda Verlag, Charlotte Russe, Chicago Magazine Fashion, Cosmopolitan Italia, Cosmopolitan USA, Cotton Belt, Elle Italia, Grazia, Io Donna, Kiton, Luciano Barbera, Maliparmi, Marella Max Mara Group, Marie Claire Australia, Michael Kors, Red UK, Stefanel, Style RCS, Tatler, Condé Nast Traveller UK, Vanity Fair UK, Vogue Australia, Vogue Gioiello.

portfolio of published work, editorials and campaigns

2012 was a pivotal year. I realized that for the industry retouching what I had seen through my lens was becoming more valuable than honoring it. Thus, I began researching on the relations between different ethical views and the usage of disparate imaging technologies. It was at this time that I started the draft of 'The Photographer's Choice,' my assessment on the ontology of photography, the motive for generating impostors, and the relevance of authentic photographic sources for documentarians.

In 2014, I edited The Materia et Lumen Criterion, an ethical standard aiming at the discernment of authentic photographic work.

In March 2015, I published The Photographer's Choice. In August 2015, The Photographer's Choice has been added to the International Center of Photography Library's collection.

Cover of The Photographer's Choice by Luigi Cassinelli

Since 2015, I have developed a new clientele, from private clients to venture capital firms and architectural projects.

Filmmaking has become impactful in my storytelling. The most extensive video work has been the direction and co-production of "52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell," a comprehensive (running time 22 hours and 45 minutes) yoga program shot on location and in studio.

“52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell” has been registered as a motion picture with the United States Copyright Office in December 2018. It was released in Blu-ray and as video on demand along with live streaming sessions broadcasted until the end of 2020.

blu-ray cover of 52 Weeks of Yoga with Wendy Campbell

During 2021 and 2022 I was asked by a strategy consulting firm to deliver a report on the link between ethical issues and the usage of artificial intelligence in the visual realm.

My current photographic assignments are private photo-shoots shot on film. Right at times when computed images are pervasive and often manipulative of human perception, I notice a growing interest for the authentic. My clientele is not gratified by the arbitrary rendering of computed images; 'selfies' can do that; retouching software can do that; AI can do that. My clients yearn to live the peerless experience of being truly photographed by another human being. They value the capturing of unique moments directly on silver, void of manipulation. I am grateful for their support. Thank you.

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