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Conceptual Borders - 01

Models and Reality

The first wall builds up between our model of reality and actual reality. The latest release of this wall wears an electronic costume, but it stems from an ancient playground. Materialists' indifference, a delusional game now governed by mutant algorithms, delivers machine learning along with human dullness. We cannot ask machines the courage to be ourselves; the quest for union and knowledge demands for intrepid humans.

The Original Photograph

Ref. UR-USA2020B-09A

scan of original photograph UR-USA2020B-09A, Ilford HP5+, Kodak XTOL, Nikon F2AS Zeiss Distagon 35mm 2.0 ZF.2

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

2020, Great Smoky Mountains