scan of original photograph of Tokyo shot in 2010

Ethical and Technical Criterion


My work consists of original photographs. I name them ur-photographs because an ur-photograph is the unique physical record generated in the moment I release my camera shutter. In that moment, three forces interact: the photons reflected by what I observe, the silver halide crystals layered in my film, and my decision to capture that moment in time. Such interaction creates the latent image in the emulsion, later revealed to our eyes in negative or positive form. The ur-photograph is unique; it bears an existential adventure sealed by its own light.

All of my prints, whether photographic or computer assisted, are by-products of my original photographs. Prints and arrays of pixels help to display my photographic exploration. They are both executed to reproduce the content of my originals, but they are not the central purpose of my work.

In short, on this website, I exhibit what I saw, in the moment light and matter recorded it. Nothing has been retouched; nothing has been computer generated. I use electronic technology to display my work, not to generate it.

Privacy Matters

Privacy matters to me. Privacy is a fundamental right cited in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. On this website, I exhibit a series of portfolios and samples of scans from my ur-photographs. The complete body of my work reveals moments of my life, and the lives of others, that I am not willing to upload to the Web. I am willing to meet collectors, gallerists, museum curators, publishers, art and creative directors who respect this choice and would like to see my work in person. My physical portfolios are for our eyes only.

My Quest

chessboard on appalachians shows reifying reality into a game

In and out of the frontiers of my sight, what is real? Light nurtures. Light is forthright. Therefore, I photograph. By leaving prejudice behind, I might earn a healthy relationship with reality and save my freedom.