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In its utter wholeness, truth is the hardest to make sense of. Its thin line must connect all we have: soul, mind, and senses. This portfolio shows fragments of a journey I began soon after the publication of The Photographer's Choice. What I saw then was a path toward authenticity, not one confined to the reflections of my book, rather a passage to practice into the unknown. Inevitably, fear of manipulation revealed vulnerabilities. Sifting evidence from the past, now I am left with truth floating beneath.

Facing choices, at times I had the courage to practice honesty. I truly felt how nothing is better than being yourself. At times, I mingled with denial. Why? I am a human, a living struggle of contradictions, and in the name of justice I did the unjust. I feared fear, forgetful of how important fear is. Fear of manipulation is healthy; it foresees deception of oneself and of others. Denial is the enemy. Denial blinded the continuity of my quest, not fear.

When courage and grit revive, I find again the enduring path, my persistent search for truth.

The Original Photograph

Ref. UR-W27917-09

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2015, South West Florida