Luigi Cassinelli Photographer

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My Quest

Before my discovery of photography, I recall two pivotal lessons. One high school professor taught the significance of questioning and how to discriminate between observations and prejudices. One university professor showed me the links between decision-making and purpose. Soon after my schooling, yearning to widen my experience, I realized I needed new tools to earn wisdom. Since then, the following question has been guiding my research: How does my free will interact with the rest of reality? In this section I explain how photography has been helping me in the search for union.

Photo- + -graph: Record of Light, Recorded by Light

All my work abides by the following definition of the word "photograph." A photograph is a material and permanent, original trace of the light conveyed by an optical system, generated in one specific instant: the instant where light, the photographer’s interaction with his or her environment, and matter (silver halide) connect.

The Essence of Photography

Its unique genesis and experience, what I call "The Independent Instant," distinguishes an authentic photograph from any other type of image, such as CGI (computer generated images), drawings, paintings, prints, and other visual works of art. Beneath visual content, the essence of photography is existential. Photography is neither a representation nor a reproduction of reality. Every single photograph is a physical fragment of reality; it is the result of an irreversible, instantaneous interaction between natural phenomena and human nature.

Code of Ethics

My photographs show what I have experienced, not just what I find interesting. On this website, I exhibit, to the best of my abilities, faithful reproductions of my originals. I do not perform manipulations of my observations nor of the recorded light for any reason, aesthetic or conceptual. At this moment, I am working on uploading the scans of each original photograph with its issued print alongside the image displayed in my portfolios.