From 1995 to 2012, I completed 345 assignments, fashion editorials and campaigns. Thousands of my photographs have been published on magazines, catalogues and billboards.

The following portfolio displays a small selection of my work as published by the press. My gratitude goes out to all the professionals who helped me: agents, art-directors, assistants, clients, darkroom technicians, editors, hair stylists, make-up artists, models, producers, and stylists.

Stefanel 1997
Stefanel 1999
Annabella RCS 2009 model Lina
Annabella RCS 2009 model Lina
Annabella RCS 2010 model Ayame
Chicago Magazine 2005
Elle Italia May 1999
Elle Italia February 1999
Elle Italia May 1998
Grazia February 2000
Grazia February 2000
AE 2000
Annabella 2008
Annabella RCS 2011 model Amy Hickson Venice Florida
Annabella RCS 2011 model Amy Hickson
Red UK December 1999
Vogue Australia December 1996
Vogue Gioiello December 1999
Grazia Mondadori 1999 Model Nadia Vassilieva
Cover Grazia 1997
Annabella 2010 Kjell in room 227
Annabella 2010 Kjell Mariner Motel