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Words are loose, abstract concepts when disconnected from experience. Often, as described by Alexis Carrel, "A few observation and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to truth." Still, without words our experiences would die sterile, and we wouldn't be able to pass the baton. My love, I wish for you to find balance between experience and reflection, to explore the world with your keen observation, and to let your imagination surprise yourself and others. Just let me warn you about the words spoken by fanatics, misleading decoys. Fanatics aim at our freedom in the name of their ideals, their formulas, their understanding of Nature, and now even in the name of the results of their computers. They deprive themselves and others of what is complex to grasp, difficult to name, but is real. Be free, don't be afraid to choose, enjoy life, and mind the gap. Your Dad.