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Primal Grit - 01/13



This portfolio is a self-portrait; it extends across moments and places recalling what I call 'PRIMAL GRIT,' an instinctual, passionate connection urging to explore. This force still evolves and manifests in different forms throughout my photography. In fact this whole website is a narration of how I live and what I learn during my photographic adventures.

inversion of ur photograph ur-books1011-R1-E009

Bedrock Books

inversion of ur photograph ur-F3-1010-R2-E052

Third Eye

scan of ur photograph ur-ur-nyc7527-13

Light on Silver Halide Crystals

inversion of ur photograph ur-luigi4runner2020
inversion of ur photograph ur-4runner2020fl

On The Road, 2020-2021

self-portraits shot in Venice, FL on kodak tx400 developed in Dr5 processing

Self-portraits in Venice, FL, June 2021

inversion of ur photograph ur-nyc2021_2038_09

Boro Hotel, NYC, 2019-2021

self-portrait in rue férou, paris, 2022

Self-portrait in Rue Férou, 2022

self-portrait while shaving, paris, 2022

Shaving Consciousness, 2022

palmerie, marrakech, 2022
la mamounia, marrakech, 2022
room 5, la mamounia, marrakech, 2022
self-portrait, la mamounia, marrakech, 2022

Back in Time in Marrakech, 2022

inversion of ur photograph ur-luigi1999

On Assignment, 1999

ph. Betti Chiesi

The Ur-photographs

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-5-02

scan of original photographic negative ur-self441828-5-02

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

October 2022, Paris

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-3-01

scan of original photographic negative ur-self441828-3-01

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

October 2022, Paris

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-2-46

scan of original photographic negative ur-selfp441828-2-46

Kodak TX | Kodak XTOL

November 2022, Marrakech

The Remaining Scans Will Be Uploaded Soon